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Dermal Fillers Information and FAQ's

Topics to be considered and discussed

Dermal Fillers information: FAQ
  • Is PROFHILO a dermal filler?
    No. it is not a dermal filler. The only similarity is that they are both hyaluronic acid gels, but the gels are completely different. PROFHILO perfuses the skin, dermal filler replaces deep subcutaneous fat and enhances bone structure. PROFHILO cannot change contours or facial shape or provide enhancement, it cannot be used to directly target fine lines. PROFHILO is solely used to trigger skin remodelling increasing skin quality and luminance.
  • Where can PROFHILO be used?
    Most commonly, PROFHILO is used for facial areas, but can also be effective for rejuvenating the neck, décolleté, arms(bingo wings), Loose skin above the knees, abdomen/stomach and back of the hands.
  • Could i get PROFHILO to target, lines in forehead or around the eyes?"
    No, for fine lines and wrinkles around the eye area you’ll need anti wrinkle injectables.
  • How many treatments will I need?
    It is recommended to have at least two sessions (one month apart) to achieve optimum results. However, if the skin problems are severe, a third session may be advised. To maintain the results we recommend a top-up treatment session around every 6 months. Your practitioner will provide you with a full treatment plan and advice during your initial consultation.
  • Why are treatments 4 weeks apart?
    You will need 2 Profhilo treatments 4-weeks apart. After your second syringe, the real magic starts to happen, and your skin should be glowing within 1-2 weeks. You will feel more rejuvenation as your skin starts to produce elastin that make collagen.
  • How safe is PROFHILO?
    It is incredibly safe due to the formulation of HA. HA levels in the body are naturally balanced by an enzyme known as hyaluronidase, which breaks down the hyaluronic acid molecules. This is also the substance that breaks down PROFHILO over time, making it the least disruptive form of filler as the body is already equipped to work with the main ingredients. There is no downtime after your treatment, but you may have some redness and lumpiness in the treated areas. This usually subsides within 24 hours. Don’t use makeup for the rest of the day as this can cause irritation.
  • Pre-treatment Advice:
    Please plan any social occasions around your Injectable treatments, as redness, bruising and swelling can be experienced post treatment. Please let us know if you have any planned travel in the next 4 weeks. You cannot have Injectable treatments if you are feeling at all unwell. Please ensure that you: Have no coldsores (if you are prone to coldsores please discuss with your treating Medical Professional) Are not pregnant/trying to get pregnant/not breastfeeding You must inform your treating Medical Professional about any medications or dietary supplements you are taking, some medications can adversely affect the way Anti Wrinkle Inejctions work and can increase your risk of bruising. You must refrain from taking any painkiller medication that contains Ibuprofen (this only relates to any medication that is “not prescribed by a Doctor”). Ibuprofen may contribute to bruising and is best avoided for 7 days pretreatment. You must refrain from taking Alcohol and Vitamin supplements including; St. Johns Wort, Fish oils, Garlic, Gingko Biloba, Vitamins A-E, these may all contribute to bruising and are best avoided for 7 days pre-treatment. You must come with no makeup on the day of treatment, you must not reapply makeup for 24 hours in order to reduce the risk of infection or irritation at the injection sites.
  • Aftercare Advice:
    You may have some reds bumps post treatment at the injection sites, these should resolve within a period of 1 hour. You must place no pressure on the treatment area for a period of 8 hours post treatment. You must stay upright for a period of 4 hours post treatment. Make-up must not be worn for a period of 24 hours post treatment in the treated area. Avoid alcohol, vigorous exercise and extreme temperatures for 24 hours post treatment. If a bruise does occur it may take a few days to appear and can take up to 10 days to resolve. Arnica can be helpful in clearing bruising. You must avoid Ibuprofen and alcohol for 24-48 hours post treatment as this can increase bruising. Your Anti Wrinkle Injections will start to take effect within 1-3 days post treatment, visible results can be seen at day 7, full results can be seen at day 14. A feeling of heaviness in the area of treatment can be experienced in the first week post treatment, this is a result of your Anti Wrinkle Injections taking effect and your muscles starting to relax. If this is your first Anti Wrinkle Injection treatment you will be contacted 2 weeks post treatment when the product has taken full effect to assess your treatment results, a small adjustment may be required at this stage if necessary to perfect results.
  • Who is the treatment suitable for?
    Profhilo is an anti-ageing hydration treatment that helps boost hydration beneath the skin's surface and kickstart the natural production of collagen and elastin. It is suitable for anyone who would benefit from increased hydration, more collagen, or elastin. Typically clients are aged 30-55 and want to look younger and for their skin on their face, neck, hand, or arms to look better.
  • Will the PROFHILO treatment make me look frozen?
    No, not at all. Profhilo does not fill anything or restrict facial movements in any way. It is a very subtle, natural-looking result.

There are over 60 brands of dermal filler available in the UK. We use a range of brands for different treatments based on their indication and the evidence and research behind them.

There are products available which can dissolve fillers, so the effects of dermal fillers are not only temporary, but they an be reversed if necessary.

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