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The Zoom effect!

Updated: Nov 24, 2021

The past couple of years has been tough for everyone. The endless series of lockdowns has meant many changes to our daily life. This includes and is not limited to the constant Zoom or Teams calls. Not only has it coined a new era of technological issues, but it has lead to us seeing more of our faces and possibly catching glimpses of frown lines and the new occasional line or wrinkles. This is what has now been called the Zoom effect!

Google searches for quick and easy fixes to the new view we have of ourselves has skyrocketed, and with that the popularity of Botox has also soared.

Yes, the Zoom effect has meant we may have been inadvertently scrutinising our faces more, but the increased popularity of Botox is down to more than that.

People are more aware of the importance of looking after ourselves, the importance of self care and this has lead to a change in the way we see ourselves and how we feel.

Botox has been around for more than 20 years and is still the worlds leading anti-ageing treatment. Surely there must be better things on the market now?

Is botox still the best way to tackle those fine lines, wrinkles and frown lines? The answer is simply, YES, and here is why.

The fact that Botox is such a veteran of the non-surgical cosmetic market means that it has been well tried and tested and is extremely well understood. It therefore is now safer and more effective than before. I you are looking for a quick, safe and well tested cosmetic treatment with zero downtime, then Botox is the treatment for you!

Here are the Aesthetic Doctor Clinic we allow only fully qualified GMC registered Doctor(s) to carry out our procedures. We believe that the knowledge they bring from their surgical/medical background is vital to understanding what makes a good consultation and safe treatment for our patients.

Botox is not permanent, it is minimally invasive and the treatment only takes a matter of minutes. You can leave and head straight back to work or go home immediately, making it very accessible for everyone. Our 24/7 busy lives mean that we are all juggling home, work, and family. Botox can easily fit into anyone’s schedules.

Botox does not discriminate. Botox is for everyone. We see younger men and women coming to clinic for preventative Botox and also older clients who want to maybe roll back a few years and add a little boost.

The stigma of Botox is a thing of the past. Everyone deserves some self-care and attention. We all deserve to treat ourselves.

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